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About Us

Hi, I'm Pete Rhodes, and this is my collection of precious metal Roman Numeral jewelry with your own personal date in Roman Numerals cast right into the piece for an especially personal touch. Every piece is made entirely in my shop located in White Rock, BC (less than an hour south of Vancouver, Canada).

What Sets Us Apart?
Your personal date or message is cast directly into the silver or gold jewelry piece. This gives the jewelry in my collection a unique(more 3-D) look compared to pieces that have been personalized with laser or traditional etching techniques.

What's the Occasion?
Whether you are looking for a unique(and at the same time classic) wedding band for your special day, celebrating your wedding anniversary, want to show your pride in a graduate, or welcoming a new baby, a piece from our collection is a wonderful way to mark the day.

I've been making jewelry out of everything from plastic resin, to pewter, to bronze, to silver and gold, for about 12 years. Patience and pride go into every piece I make. I've had shops on an online artisan marketplace(Etsy) for 6 years.

Contact Info:
Pete Rhodes